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Moving Without All The Hassle

What To Do With The Abundance Of Your Children's Artwork

Alexander Wood

The artwork your children create through the years is something that a mother holds dear. If you have an abundance of children's artwork that you are running out of space for, there are a few things you can do to downsize the collection in your home without discarding those precious keepsakes.

Creative Displays

Hanging the artwork your children make on the refrigerator is a classic way to display it, but there are many other ways to display the artwork throughout your home without causing any damage to the walls.

Any open wall space or railing can become a showcase of the artwork. A couple of peel and stick removable hooks, some twine or ribbon, and a few clothes pins or paper clips is all that is needed to display several projects in one area. You can create multiple rows of artwork using this method, making it possible to show off quite a bit of your children's artwork.

Tip: Consider displaying each child's art on a single strand of ribbon or twine. Have your child make up a sign that can be hung on the strand so that anyone looking at the work knows which child did the work.

Digital Copies

Scan or take pictures of your children's artwork and store it on your computer, on a disk and maybe even a cloud storage website. This way, even if the paper deteriorates, the glue quits holding, or a disaster or fire takes your home, you still have the images of their artwork saved to enjoy in the future.

Tip: This can be a lot of fun in itself. Taking a picture of your child holding the artwork can make it easier for you to remember how old your child was when the artwork was made. It can help refresh your memories of the giggles that were shared during the project and take you back to the exact moment when the artwork was completed.

Storage Unit Rental

Even after you have completed the digital copies of the artwork, you may not be ready to part with it. Consider renting a self storage unit for items such as this. This will allow you to safely store the keepsakes without having to take up space in your home.

Tip: This storage unit can be used for far more than storing their artwork. Consider storing toys that are no longer played with, your child's favorite t-shirts that no longer fit, lunch boxes that they may want to pass on to their kids one day or even the bicycles that they learned to ride on. This storage unit could quickly become an extension of your personal memories and allow you to keep the things that you would have otherwise had to get rid of.

Children are only children for a few short years. Before you know it, all that you will have are the memories of their youth and the occasional phone call or visit from your adult children. Hold on to those precious keepsakes and spend the future reminiscing of the good old days of their youth.