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Moving Without All The Hassle

I have never been one of those people who is overly organized, but about a year ago, I knew that I had to get things together. I was assigned to move across the country for work, and I knew that I was going to need to do my part in order to move without all of the hassle. I started investigating the possibility of getting a storage unit, and it was great to find a unit that worked really well for me. I loaded a bunch of my unused furniture, boxes of clothing, and other knick-knacks into the space, and it made a huge difference. Check out this website to learn more about moving.

Moving Without All The Hassle

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Storing Your Items

Alexander Wood

Putting your belongings in professional storage is a great way to keep your things safe while they cannot be with you. You might be moving and need to keep your things out of the way until you get into your new home, or the storage unit could be a long-term thing in addition to your home, so that you have more room around the house. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that your storage unit is properly used so that everything is safe. Here are some mistakes that people make when storing their items.

1. Putting Things Directly On The Ground

You should avoid putting your furniture and expensive items directly on the ground. The concern is that the ground is the most susceptible to temperature change and humidity changes. For example, if you have leather furniture you should get some blocks of cement or wood and prop up the furniture. This way the bottom of the couch won't rot and tear as it sits on the hot or cold ground. Letting the air pass through it will prevent molding and so much more.

Even boxes should be propped if they can be. You can buy some stands much like what sod is stored on, that will allow air to pass through the bottom of the boxes and furniture that will keep them nicer. This is worth the investment.

2. Not Covering Your Items

Another problem that many people don't think about is dust. Just because you don't have windows in the unit doesn't mean that there won't be dust. Dust happens everywhere and if you don't cover the furniture and items they will become dusty. Dusty is more than just annoying, it can erode the belongings so that they become damaged. This is why you should take a sheet or fabric and loosely drape it over all of the furniture and anything that isn't boxed.

3. Not Checking On The Items Often

You should be going to your storage unit once in a while to just check on things and make sure everything is okay. You could have something fall over and be crushing another thing. There could be a spill, there could be a flood and a myriad of other problems. Make it a habit to stop in once in a while to check on things and make sure everything is safe.

By avoiding these mistakes you can protect your belongings. For more information, visit websites like