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Moving Without All The Hassle

I have never been one of those people who is overly organized, but about a year ago, I knew that I had to get things together. I was assigned to move across the country for work, and I knew that I was going to need to do my part in order to move without all of the hassle. I started investigating the possibility of getting a storage unit, and it was great to find a unit that worked really well for me. I loaded a bunch of my unused furniture, boxes of clothing, and other knick-knacks into the space, and it made a huge difference. Check out this website to learn more about moving.

Moving Without All The Hassle

Moving On A Budget? Four Ways To Save On Moving Costs

Alexander Wood

Moving to a new home on a budget can be tricky, but with a bit of preparation, you can save on the cost of moving and still have a great experience. Use this guide to help save on the cost of moving and keep a bit of extra money in your pocket.

Get Multiple Quotes

As with any other major purchase, you'll want to shop around before you hire a moving company. Contact several companies and get quotes for the total cost of moving. You may even want to get two separate quotes from each company. One quote should include the full cost of moving with any extra services you want, and the other should include just the bare essentials. You may find that you can afford a few extra moving services from one company for the same price as basic moving services from another. Once you have all your quotes, you can compare to see what fits in your budget.

Plan Ahead For Packing Supplies

You don't have to buy boxes and packing supplies if you plan ahead. You can visit local grocery and liquor stores and ask for any extra boxes they have. Boxes used to transport liquor and produce tend to be sturdy choices for packing some of your more heavy objects. Boxes for apples and oranges sometimes come with cardboard dividers to separate the fruit, which can be used to protect fragile items. If you do a lot of online shopping, keep the boxes and packing materials so you can use them to pack your items ahead of your move.

Begin Moving Small Items Early

If you have access to your new home before your moving date, you can begin to move some items on your own in your spare time. You may want to move your bathroom essentials and some of your cookware, or you can begin hanging clothes in your closet and hanging curtains on your windows. These small steps will lower the number of boxes you have to pay your moving company to transport, and they can help to make your new house feel more like home on moving day. Be sure to ask your moving company how you are charged for moving services; if the company charges by the box, you may even want to move the bulk of your smaller boxes on your own and leave the big stuff for the movers.

Move On A Weekday

Moving companies tend to be busier on weekends when people are not working, so consider arranging your move on a weekday. You may be able to save a bit of money, and as an added bonus, you'll be able to get settled before your first weekend in the new home.

While you'll have to spend some money to move into your new home, you can save on the costs of moving with these simple steps. Use this guide to help as you budget for your move, and come up with other creative ideas to cut costs.