Moving Without All The Hassle
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Moving Without All The Hassle

I have never been one of those people who is overly organized, but about a year ago, I knew that I had to get things together. I was assigned to move across the country for work, and I knew that I was going to need to do my part in order to move without all of the hassle. I started investigating the possibility of getting a storage unit, and it was great to find a unit that worked really well for me. I loaded a bunch of my unused furniture, boxes of clothing, and other knick-knacks into the space, and it made a huge difference. Check out this website to learn more about moving.

Moving Without All The Hassle

Tips To Save You Time When Moving

Alexander Wood

Trying to move when you are short on time, either due to work or personal commitments, can send your stress level sky high. Fortunately, you don't have to manage your move on your own. Instead, you can outsource some of the most time consuming aspects. The following tips can show you how.

Tip #1: Consult with a relocation service

A relocation service can handle the mundane moving tasks that tend to be a time suck. This includes transferring your mail, setting up cable and utility services, and even tracking down the best places for take-out in your new neighborhood. You simply supply the service with a few key details and they handle the rest. Most relocation services charge a flat fee, although there are some that provide a la carte pricing for individual services.

Tip #2: Bring in professional packers

One of the most time consuming task of any move is packing. Fortunately, there is no need to do this yourself. You can bring in a crew of professional packers to put all of your items in boxes. They will work much quicker than you could on your own, and items are sure to be packed securely. Even better, the same crew can unpack for you at your new place. The only thing to keep in mind is that they will likely pack everything – including garbage – unless you give detailed instructions otherwise.

Tip #3: Skip the loading and driving

Although it can be cost effective to rent your own moving truck and bring in a group of friends to load and unload, it may not be worth the extra time. Instead, hire movers to load the truck, drive it to your destination, and then unload it. You or someone you trust should be on hand to oversee the loading and unloading, but this won't take up as much time since a team of professional movers can do these tasks much more quickly than you and your untrained friends. To make things even easier and quicker, have the packers label each box with the room where the items are going in your new home using a color code system. You can then tag each room in the new house with a colored sheet of paper so the movers can quickly cart the boxes to the right location.

For more help in streamlining your moving experience, contact a local moving company in your area.