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Moving Without All The Hassle

Two Tips For Reducing Your Risk Of Identity Theft When Moving

Alexander Wood

Identity theft is probably the last thing you want to think about in the midst of relocating. However, your chances of being the victim of this crime increase during a move. To keep people from gaining hold of your personal information and trashing your credit, here are two things you need to do while relocating.

Lock Down Sensitive Paperwork

Professional movers typically charge by the pound, so it makes sense to get rid of old bills and junk mail. If you don't dispose of these papers the right way, however, you could be handing everything an identity thief needs on a silver platter.

Before throwing any paperwork into the trash, run it through a shredder, and preferably one that makes it difficult for criminals to reassemble the pieces (e.g. microcut shredder). If you don't own a shredder and are not looking to purchase one, take your unwanted papers to an office supply store that offers shredding services. Typically, you'll pay a fee per pound of paper you want shredded. However, it's worth the price to prevent thieves from stealing your personal data.

If you have important papers you want to retain, you have two options for protecting them. The first option is to buy a lockable filing container. This is the best option if you'll be placing the papers inside the moving truck. Be sure to put the container in a hard to reach area of the truck (e.g. back, bottom corner) to prevent thieves who gain access to the truck from finding the papers and making off with them.

The other option is to give the papers to someone you trust and have the person mail them to you once you reach your destination. Make sure this person sends the forms via registered or certified mail to prevent them from getting lost in the mail system.

Make Sure Your Mail is Routed Correctly

Identity thieves can also gain access to your personal information by stealing mail that arrives at your old address. However, dealing with this problem can be tricky, since you don't want mail just sitting in the box at either your old or new address when no one is there to retrieve it.

One thing you can do is have your mail forwarded to someone you trust until you can get settled in your new place. If you already know your new address, though, you can have the post office hold your mail until you arrive. You can use the online registration form at the USPS website to set a time (up to 30 days in advance) for them to start holding your mail. Once you get moved, you can notify the post office to begin delivery again.

Avoiding identity theft while moving involves thinking like a criminal and plugging all the holes a thief could creep through to steal your personal information. For more tips on transporting important documents or to set up an appointment to move your belongings, contact a moving company. For more information, contact a business such as Christos & Christos Moving and Storage.