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Moving Without All The Hassle

I have never been one of those people who is overly organized, but about a year ago, I knew that I had to get things together. I was assigned to move across the country for work, and I knew that I was going to need to do my part in order to move without all of the hassle. I started investigating the possibility of getting a storage unit, and it was great to find a unit that worked really well for me. I loaded a bunch of my unused furniture, boxes of clothing, and other knick-knacks into the space, and it made a huge difference. Check out this website to learn more about moving.

Moving Without All The Hassle

Three Moving Tips For The Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing

Alexander Wood

Moving can be a stressful situation, and if you are deaf or hard of hearing, it can be even more difficult. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prepare for your move to ensure everything goes smoothly. Use this guide to help you as you plan your move.

Hire The Right Moving Company

You should feel comfortable with the moving company you select, and the staff should be able to make the accommodations you need to effectively communicate with you. Consider an in-person meeting to discuss the move, and ensure you are comfortable with the staff ahead of time. Let them know the way you prefer to communicate, whether it be through email, text, or a video relay service. If you will be using an interpreter on the day of the move, be sure that the movers know to speak directly to you and that your interpreter will translate for you. Your movers should not be communicating directly with the translator, as you are the paying client.

Use Lists And Labels

Lists and labels can take some of the guesswork out of moving, and these tools can reduce the number of questions your movers may have. Place a list on the door to each room for the movers so they know what types of items will be moved from the area. For example, a bedroom list should catalog the mattress, box spring, headboard, dresser, and nightstands. Knowing what needs to be moved from each room will help the movers decide how to load the truck. Each box should be clearly labeled with the contents packed inside. If you are using an unpacking service, consider using a color-coded system to prioritize what needs to be unpacked first. Green stickers might indicate to unpack right away, while red stickers might tell the unpacking service not to touch the contents inside those boxes. The more organized your system of lists and labels, the less you will have to communicate with the movers, which can help you to feel more comfortable throughout the moving process.

Have Adaptive Equipment Installed

As part of your unpacking service, you can have the moving company install adaptive equipment in your new home. This might include installing smoke detectors with strobe lights or flashing doorbells. Be sure to let your moving company know in advance if you will need any type of adaptive equipment installed. For items that don't need to be installed, such as flashing alarm clocks, be sure to label the boxes these items are stored in with a sticker that indicates they need to be unpacked right away.

Be sure to contact your local social service agency for any other assistance you might be entitled to for your move. Talk to your moving company about your needs and your expectations to ensure your move goes smoothly.