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Moving Without All The Hassle

Six Security Necessities At A Self Storage Facility

Alexander Wood

If you're looking into renting a self storage unit, then you have some important possessions that you don't have room to store at your home. You might feel like you're taking a risk by leaving these possessions in a place where you aren't able to keep watch over them all the time. However, modern self storage facilities feature a variety of different security features that can keep your belongings safe. The following are six important security features you should make sure are offered at a facility if you're thinking of renting a unit:

Security staff on duty around the clock

Some facilities only have security staff on duty during business hours when clients are able to access the facility. However, this is inadequate to maximize the security of your belongings. You should make sure that there is security guard staff on duty around the clock to minimize the chances of a break-in.

Alarms on units that will connect to local law enforcement personnel

Units shouldn't only have alarms that will go off at the sign of any intruders. They should have alarms that also can connect directly to local law enforcement so that you can be sure of a fast response from police officers who are located nearby.

Surveillance cameras

Having surveillance cameras put up around a facility is often a good deterrent to would-be thieves. If a burglary does occur, surveillance cameras can make it easier to identify, locate, and take back stolen items from burglars.

Limited access via electronic security gates

Even during business hours, access to units should be restricted to only those who are confirmed clients of the facility. When you're visiting the facility, pay close attention to the security gates and note how completely they prohibit unauthorized access of the units.

Good lighting around the facility

A poorly lit facility attracts burglars because it leads them to believe that it will be easier to successfully remove items without detection. If possible, drive by the facility after hours and see how well lit the area is. 

Insurance that covers burglary of units

The most stringent security precautions can never absolutely guarantee that a burglary won't happen. That's why insurance against burglary is important. If you're storing items that are particularly valuable, you should have them insured so that you will be reimbursed if you lose them due to theft. Read the fine print of any insurance policy your storage facility provides and make sure that theft is covered.