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Moving Without All The Hassle

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Moving Without All The Hassle

Three Tips To Follow When Moving A Mattress

Alexander Wood

Moving a mattress can be one of the more challenging aspects of any move. However, it can be possible for you to limit the difficulty and stress of mattress moving by utilizing some of the more basic mattress moving tips and tricks that you can follow.

Use A Mattress Bag

One of the first steps in moving a mattress should be to encase it in a protective bag. Mattress bags are made of extremely thick plastic, and this can offer the mattress substantial protection during your move. Without these bags, your mattress would be more prone to becoming dirty, stained, torn, or ripped. Additionally, mattress bags often have handles that will make lifting the mattress far easier. While many mattresses have handles sewn into the sides, it is rare for these handles to be strong enough to support the weight of the mattress. In fact, if you attempt to lift the mattress by these handles, you may rip it and cause padding to start seeping out.

Always Have Help Lifting And Moving The Mattress

Attempting to move a mattress without any help can prove to be a serious mistake because it can make it more likely for you to damage the mattress and injure yourself. This can be particularly true for those that own mattresses that are especially large or heavy. As a result, it is advisable to always have help when moving this heavy item. If you are moving to an area where you will not know anyone that could help you with this task, you should consider hiring professional movers. In addition to avoiding the risk of injuring yourself, these individuals will have the tools needed to make sure that your moving project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tie Your Mattress Into Position In The Moving Truck

The time in the back of the moving truck can be among the riskiest for a mattress. In addition to there being numerous items that could potentially tear the mattress, it is also possible for it to become deformed from lying unevenly. This can make the mattress extremely uncomfortable to use, and it may force you to need to buy a new one.

Luckily, minimizing these risks is as simple as ensuring that the mattress is securely tied to the side of the moving truck. This will help to keep the mattress upright and in a stable position. To make this task easier, there are load bearing handles on the sides of the moving truck, and you can use them to anchor the rope or elastic cords.